Owner and destroyer of PetRPG.

doug killed it its all over folks

Often inacive, or otherwise unheard from for months at a time. Every once in a while he'll show back up and give us a few prescious updates. However with his pretty much constant absence the site users amuse themselves without updates for many months at a time.

Riots have brought him back in the past, though only for a short period of time, but it DID bring him back, that time we got a promise;

He'd give us Premium users extended Premiums, until he gave us 30 updates. The only updates that happen while he's gone though are "Chef of the Week"

Do not take his absence as a sign that the site is dead, quite on the contrary, the users are only getting stronger. Held there by friends and the amazing artists. Do not be detured by Doug's absence, come, join us.