Grooming Tokens are items on PetRPG that change a pet's color, like the Paintbrushes on Neopets. They are round, token like discs with a paint drip symbol on them. You can get them in basic colors, like red or green, or get special rare tokens, such as Possessed. There are some colors that can't be obtained through tokens, such as the Zombie color.

You can buy rare Grooming Tokens at the dPoint shop or from Usershops, or from a random event . Basic colors can be found in usershops, or by a event from wandering around PetRPG.


  • When the "Plushie Token" was released, you could only get it from Preordering a Scarebear Plushie.
  • When creating a Pet, you can choose from colors Black, White, Brown, or "Natural".
  • A special color for your pet, Fisherman, is only obtained from getting your pet's fishing level to 15.
  • The Zombie Color is only obtained by making your pet wander through the Graveyard.
  • The Forest Color can be obtained by finding the hidden forest where you pet becomes infected

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